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Kevin  Virden, Al Foss: The Life & Fishing Lures of the Pork Rind King   $59.95  
John  Betts, John Betts' 3-Books-In-One on Flies and Fly Fishing:   $29.95  
John  Betts, John Betts' 3-Books-In-One on Flies and Fly Fishing LIMITED EDITION   $74.95  
Robert D. Smith, Robert W. Crompton: Father of the Five Strip Bamboo Fly Rod   $39.95  
Matt  Lollman, The 2018 Whitefish Price Guide to Vintage Fishing Lures   $29.95  
Stillman  Taylor, The Home Rodmaker: Building Saltwater, Bait Casting, and Fly Rods from Wood and Bamboo   $24.95  
Edwin T. Whiffen, Bamboo Lore: Notes on Making, Wrapping, and Repairing Bamboo Fly Rods   $29.95  
Robert A. Miller, The History of Pflueger Baitcasting Reels, 1901-1982   $24.95  
John C. Pierce, Nice Trout   $19.95  
Kevin  Virden, Fred Arbogast: A Biography of Akron's Greatest Angler   $19.95  
Brent  Vonderheide, The Encyclopedia of Glass Minnow Traps   $39.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, My Best Kentucky Reel   $19.95  
Betty Barr,  Don Kleier, Frankfort's Kentucky Reels: Jewels of the Bluegrass   $34.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, Radical Rodmaking: Innovative Bamboo Fly Rods & Their Makers   $19.95  
Todd E.A. Larson  Donald P. Champion, The Reels of Julius vom Hofe, 1882 - 1939   $49.95  
Leonard P. Sawisch,  Jim Madden & Todd E.A. Larson, The South Bend Anti-Back-Lash Casting Reels, 1905-1934   $19.95  
Robert  Halver, Bache Hamilton Brown: The Father of Spin Fishing in America   $19.95  
Stu Lawson & John Elder, Lawson's Price Guide to Old Fishing Reels   $24.95  
Michael  Cacioppo, A Documentary History of Penn Reels, 1932-1957   $39.95  
William T. Sonnett, Deconstructing Old Ads (Volume 3)   $24.95  
Erin  Block, By a Thread: A Retrospective on Women and Fly Tying   $19.95  
Erin  Block, By a Thread: A Retrospective on Women and Fly Tying   $49.95  
Tom  Petkewitz, From Outdoors Past: A Journey Through Time & Select Territory   $24.95  
Clyde E. Drury, Books of the Black Bass, 1881-2014: An Annotated Bibliography & Check List   $59.95  
Lew  Stoner, The Rodmaking Writings of Lew Stoner   $29.95  
Jim  Madden, The Fishing Reels of South Bend: The Best of South Bend Bits from ORCA's Reel News   $24.95  
Sam  Van Camp, The Jitterbug Price List for 2015   $9.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, The Musky Lures of a Creek Chub Bait Tester: Inside CCBC's Bait Tester Program in the 1970s   $14.95  
Merv  Willoughby, A Collector's Guide to Tom Mann Lures & Tackle, 1958-1985   $39.95  
Cliff  Netherton, History of the Sport of Casting, Volume 3: The N.A.C.C.C. Years (1939-1960)   $34.95  
Terry  Oxley, Rotaryhead Fishing Lures: Vintage and Modern Classics   $39.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, The History of the Fishing Reel: The Best of The Reel News, 1991-2015   $39.95  
Michael  Koller, Hooked on Paper: A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Fishing & Tackle Ephemera   $9.95  
William T. Sonnett, Deconstructing Old Ads (Volume 2)   $24.95  
Don A. Bell, Bamboo Rod Making:   $14.95  
Robert  Douglas, Tuna Smart: Understanding the Tunas of the Eastern Pacific Ocean   $19.95  
Harold E. Smith, A Field Guide to Creek Chub Lures   $49.95  
Michael  Cacioppo, The Penn Reel Collector's Companion and Price Guide, 1932-1957   $39.95  
Bill  Lambot, What the Guide Said: Essays on Fly Fishing   $19.95  
Sam  Van Camp, The Arbogast Jitterbug Collector's Guide   $59.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, Lost on the Bayou: Reflections on the Bassmaster Classic & Expo and the Culture of Bass Fishing   $7.50  
Michael  Cacioppo, The Chronological History of Penn Reels, 1932-1957   $49.95  
William T. Sonnett, Deconstructing Old Ads (Volume I)   $24.95  
Lew  Stoner, The Lew Stoner - Ted Trueblood Letters   $29.95  
Timothy P. O'Brien, Pescando en Puerto Rico: Frank O'Brien and the Origins of Big Game Fishing in Puerto Rico   $39.95  
Bill  Lambot, What the Guide Said: Essays on Fly Fishing   $49.95  
Louis B. Feierabend, The Wise Rod Maker: Louis B. Feierabend on Making Bamboo Rods   $29.95  
Perry  Palin, Fishing Lessons: Stories and Essays from Midwestern Streams   $17.50  
Donald A. Wilson, Mack Brown Special: All Four Books for One Low Price!   $49.95  
Donald A. Wilson, Back on the Trail with Mack Brown, Maine Guide   $14.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, A Documentary History of Sila-Flex Fishing Rods, 1948-1963   $29.95  
Joseph H. Beelart, Jr., Howells: The Bamboo Fly Rods & Fly Fishing Legacy of Gary H. Howells   $49.95  
Richie & Kim  Breault, The Glass Minnow Tube & Bait Holder Collector's Guide   $24.95  
Timothy P. O'Brien, Pescando en Puerto Rico: Frank O'Brien and the Origins of Big Game Fishing in Puerto Rico   $99.95  
Lew  Stoner, The Lew Stoner Winston Letters   $14.95  
Don  Wheeler, The Frog Lure Collector's Guide:   $49.95  
Wallace  Carney, The Mitchell Classic 300 Spinning Reel: 1939-1989   $49.95  
Cecil Douglas Carpenter, There's Something About A Jinx:   $44.95  
Norman  Helm, The Magic Man:   $14.95  
Erin  Block, The View from Coal Creek:   $17.50  
Donald A. Wilson, Fog on the Water:   $14.95  
John  McDaniel, Fly Fishing the Harriman Ranch of the Henry's Fork of the Snake River   $49.95  
Stephen L. Lumpkin, A Million MirrOlures: The History of the L&S Bait Company, 1937-2000   $39.95  
Robert E. Guist, The American Devon & McGinty Minnow:   $29.95  
Robert Douglas  Larry Lauve, A Conversation with Oscar Kovalovsky:   $24.95  
Lewis  Townsend, Jim Pfeffer: A History & Collector's Guide to Pfeffer Fishing Lures   $39.95  
Eric  Stroup, River Pimp: A Journey Through Life in the Fly Fishing Industry   $19.95  
Mike  Valla, The Classic Wet Fly Box   $24.95  
Joel G. Stewart, A Fly Rod In My Sea Bag: Fishing Adventures in Baghdad During Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2005-2011   $19.95  
Donald A. Wilson, The Judge's Rock: Additional Stories of Mack Brown, Maine Guide   $17.50  
Todd E.A. Larson, The Magic of Bamboo: Essays on the Bamboo Fly Rod   $19.95  
Joe  Danubio, The Complex Mind of an Ordinary Fly Fisherman   $19.95  
Ralph W. Moon, Bamboo Heresies: The Writings of Ralph W. Moon   $14.95  
Mike  Valla, The Classic Wet Fly Box   $99.95  
John  Betts, Reels and Making Them   $64.95  
John C. Pierce, Beginner's Creek   $17.50  
Timothy P. O'Brien, The Tycoon Tackle Story   $39.95  
Perry  Palin, Katz Creek and Other Stories   $17.50  
John  Parmenter, Dana Fork Revisited: A Collection of Fly Fishing Stories   $17.50  
Ken  Hedmark, Fences in the Woods: A Memoir of the Wisconsin Forest   $19.95  
Robert  Halver, A Collector's Guide to Bache Brown and Airex/Lionel Fishing Tackle   $44.95  
Mark  Miller, Murder on Tillamook Bay   $14.95  
Stephen L. Lumpkin, The Jointed River Minnow:   $74.95  
Thomas P. Fusco, The Complete Guide to Bill Plummer Lures and the Vintage Tackle of Harrison Industries   $39.95  
Tom Jacomet  Dennis Boulais, The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide   $39.95  
Stephen L. Lumpkin, The Jointed River Minnow:   $39.95  
Brent  Vonderheide, The Collector's Guide to Glass Minnow Traps   $19.95  
Patrick Garner  Brian Taylor, D is for Dingley:   $39.95  
Donald A. Wilson, Silver Trout and Moonlight:   $14.95  
Sante L. Giuliani, The Cracker Barrel:   $14.95  
Fitz James  Fitch, Amateur Rod Making:   $14.95  
Philip  Beguhl, The Art & History of Salmon Egg Bait   $39.95  
Peter  Nilsen, Fish Foolishness   $14.95  
Glen  Lau, Bass Forever   $49.95  
Glen  Lau, Bass Forever   $29.95  
Mike  Valla, The Classic Dry Fly Box   $24.95  
Mark  Miller, Hooked on Life:   $14.95  
Michael L.J. Hackney, The Reelsmith's Primer:   $24.95  
William H. Jordan, Jordan the Rodmaker:   $49.95  
Rick  Osterholt, Shur Strike Minnows:   $39.95  
Johnny  Garland, The Bagley Collector's Guide   $49.95  
Bill  Lambot, The Last Fifty Feet:   $19.95  
Robert L. Nunley, The Snake Rod and Other Stories from the Rodmaker's Bench   $19.95  
James W. White, Round Boys Great Adventures:   $19.95  
D. Shane Andrews  Jeremy Miller, An Impossible Cast:   $19.95  
Bill  Baab, Remembering George W. Perry   $19.95  
ron P. swegman, Small Fry   $19.95  
Joseph  Hilko, The Life and Legend of Sheridan R. Jones   $19.95  
Patrick C. Garner, Playing With Fire:   $44.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, Forgotten Fly Rods: Overlooked & Underappreciated American Fishing Rod Makers, Volume 1   $19.95  
Stephen L. Lumpkin, Millsite Fishing Tackle: A History & Collector's Guide   $39.95  
Robert A. Miller, The History of the Pflueger Akron & Summit Casting Reels   $19.95  
Robert E. Hann, The Adventures of Jingle Bells   $14.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, Fishing for History   $19.95  
Jeff  Kieny, Patented Hooks, Harnesses & Bait-Holders   $39.95  
Jerald  Jolly, Pflueger Fishing Lure & Misc. Fishing Tackle Patents   $19.95  
Mary Kefover Kelly, The Origins of American Angling:   $19.95  
Clyde E. Drury, The Autobiography of Dr. James Alexander Henshall:   $19.95  
Robert A. Miller, Stream Dynamics For The Complete Fly Fisherman:   $19.95  
Richard K. Lodge, Skeletons: A Collector's Guide to Raised Pillar Fly Reels   $19.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, The History of the Fish Hook in America:   $24.95  
Robert A. Miller, A History of the Pflueger Supreme Casting Reel, 1916-1982:   $19.95  
Todd E.A. Larson, Pflueger Profiles:   $19.95  










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